Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More controversy over race.

It seems that freedom of speech is alive and well in the commonwealth.
I just love it that someone will actually stand up and say something that I for one agree with. No name calling or discrimination. Just a plain old "This is our land and these are our rules. You are all more than welcome providing you conform to them"

I see the lunacy is there also (see the bit about the judge and the christmas tree).

The person that made the remarks has already been accused of wait for've got it! A racist.

Tosh!! I bet if he went to somewhere like Saudi or Afghanistan and tried shouting from the roof tops "I'm a christian la la la, I don't like your culture." he wouldn't last 10 seconds before he was either beaten to death by a mob or arrested and beaten to death by the state.

Any comments?


Anonymous said...

Everything is far too complicated, it should all be plain black and white, commit an offence, white through the white door and in the bin, black through the black door and on the next flight out of the country with a one way ticket.

PCFrankyFact said...

Now I would say that you are a racist.
No wonder you hide.

Black in Blue said...

is he saying I should leave?

dickiebo said...

Like I keep saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

Anonymous said...

..on the next flight out.. was written after hearing an asylum seeker had again re offended raping an 8 yr old girl after it had been recommended he should have been deported. I also said you would have to ..commit an offence.. first. So as long as immigrants of any type wish to become British and comply with our laws and traditions then they are welcome.

Black in Blue said...

Oi Franky your on the side bar man!

Anonymous said...

anonymous is right franky.
Don't be too hasty with the 'You're a Racist' bit.

Bitseach said...

The odd thing is that all the things that were mentioned that the Muslim dude objected to, are well known to happen in countries that practise Sharia Law.

So is it really stereotyping, or does he just not like it because he recognises that it makes some of his his co-religionists look extremely unattractive? No-one's saying that EVERYONE does ALL this stuff but some do, so isn't it just being open to say, "this is what and how we are - if you're going to find these standards offensive or incompatible with your own beliefs, it might be worth considering whether you'll be happy here". Is that really racist?

Maybe it is, I dunno, but it sounds kind of sensible to let people know what they're signing up to, culturally, when they immigrate to a country. I could be wrong...

Black in Blue - nay, stay with us mate. Er at this point I was going to say that you make the police blog world a lot more colourful, but I'll instead say, interesting, just in case that's racist (which it's genuinely NOT meant to be!!)(Oh Lord, I'm walking on egg-shells again!) :o)

Anonymous said...


You're just another racist copper.