Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hail to the Chief.

Della the fella has hung up her hat.
No longer she'll deal with crime and all that.
She is giving up her job in the ivory tower.
The free car, and the office with its en suite shower.

The search now begins for the NYPD.
Who'll take over from Della? We'll just wait and see.
Whoever they choose, would be I suppose,
Someone of great stature to fit in those clothes.

She'll take off her uniform for the last time.
No more getting stopped while buying some wine.
At her leaving party, she'll lift up her glass.
"Goodbye, its been fun. Now kiss my fat ass."


Black in Blue said...

Her time has come.
Her legacy is well, numb...
Now Della is going.
I can hear ACPO moaning.

Though she will be remembered
As the Chief among women.
Who brought in that shower?
Bloddy hell a new meeting room,
and well those flowers.
She smelt sweet,
ánd her feet well they...smelt
Thats why she felt faint.

She would grace SMT's meetings.
With an iron rod,
and cod and chips of course.
She didnt mind top cops eating,
Chinese takeaways and curry's.
She liked her Mcdonald's,
her pizza, her Ronald...

Our Della loved Stella.
Oh really,
But did she behave like a fella?
RESPECT innit.

Bitseach said...

At least she seems to have had a bit of character, unlike most of the empty suits you get in charge these days!

Bitseach said...

Sorry that didn't rhyme. Perhaps I'll sort it out next time. :o)