Friday, January 19, 2007

Black In Blue's raid on the Big Brother House.

Knowing my luck I'd lock up Jade Goody.
Thats one Essex girl that don't give me woody.
PC Twining the swine, he'd nab Shilpa Shetty.
He likes her thinks I, he's gettin all sweaty.

PC Peeler the nutter, he'd lock up Jade's mum.
With her sexual preference, he'll have a sore bum.
PC Bloggs will nab Ian, she'll cart him away.
But she's fresh outta luck, cos he is quite Gay.

Gadget our guv'nor, Jo's collar he'll feel.
He'd like something else, but he's keeping it real.
Bob Slot has his cuffs, which he clamps on Danielle.
She shouts "Its the bizzies, oh shit! Fuckin ell!"

As for TUPC, he's stuck in the nick.
Transferred back to custody, boy, is he bloody sick!
Cleo, Dirk and the rest, they're all hiding inside.
Who shall we arrest next? Its your choice. YOU decide!


busybizzie said...

You are quite odd! Bet Goody would be a constant supervision job.

Black in Blue said...

Nice one Franky! Stay cool! Can I call you bro please?

BigFellainBlue said...

Make sure you complete a risk assessment, an operational order and pre/post briefings!!!
Im Method of Entry trained and love smashing down doors any chance I can tag along??

Joe90 said...

Now that my good freind, is one hell of a poem!

Anonymous said...

gonna strap my nato helmet to my arse.

its wrong.

Anonymous said...

a polished helmet, naturally

SergeantSays said...

heh very good. then get all my probationers to stand on the crime scene.... oh hang on, thats not compatible with their stated learning and development objectives. My arse

Black in Blue said...

OK Franky, we've interviewed Jade now. There's been a sequel. Have a look at the blog. But where did you get to? Erm, I think you were busy writing poems or watching Big Bro. Oh and what a lame excuse, erm, "my wife watches it." Take care bro.

PCFrankyFact said...

You have been quite emotive in some of your postings regarding racism, but the moment a valid point is raised you brush it aside as the offender has apologised, and when further challenged you resort to sarcasm.
Nuff said Twining.

Black in Blue said...

Franky, you are right, if one does not be sarcastic, how else does one deal with it? As for Jermaine, he was also out of order. The question is, has he been malicious? I did see the C4 programme. And we have problems.It will be Islam V the West.

totallyun-pc said...

Ha Ha... priceless.... As if I'd go back to custody!

Well done old bean!