Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Time for a change? Not again!

How much of it have you seen since you joined the job?
I've lost count of how many times some idiot comes up with "a better, more effective way for the police FORCE to be run."
Yet each time I've found it has taken us further and further away from good practice and common sense.
Sector Policing. Problem Orientated Policing. Community Policing. Response Policing. Geographical Policing. Eight Areas. Numbered Divisions. Alphabetical Divisions. Local Control Rooms. Centralised Communications.
These are among the many different names and practices that have been brought about during my service so far.
I was talking to a former probationer the other day who has resigned after just over a years service. He told me that probys have to evidence 1800 incidents during their 2 years. Each time they have to sit down and discuss the incident with their tutor constable which takes approximately an hour each time.
Thats 75 days. Worse, its only 75 days if you divide the 1800hrs by 24hrs.
On average you are at work for 8hrs per working day. So, 1800hrs divided by 8hrs equals 225 working days!
Somebody please tell me this is wrong. He must be mistaken.
Also he said that they have to give the member of the public they are dealing with a questionaire to complete on how the member of the public feels he or she was dealt with by said proby!
If this is true then it explains the large amount of probationers that are leaving the job before their probation is half over.
Whatever happened to the simple record of work book that was used when I was a proby in which you just recorded the cus ref no's. of your arrests or the ref no's. from the tickets you gave out?
We have already changed so much that the shite are no longer afraid of being caught. They just laugh at us now and call PCSO's plastic twats. The boundaries are being pushed further back each time these changes are forced upon us. We are constantly retreating and redrawing the line that the shite are more and more willing to cross because they've seen how timid and ineffective we have become in dealing with them.
I grew up on a rough council estate but we still had respect for the police. I drove through it the other day. Christ its a nightmare. I locked the car doors.
How far back can we go before before the balance tips and it becomes impossible to come back from the abyss that is anarchy? It already has tipped in certain areas up and down the country and is spreading.
We'll end up living in walled estates with a state of martial law in effect.


Joe90 said...

No one is afraid of being caught these days, because the penalties are so shabby and the punishments so hilarious that they do not bring about fear.

Anonymous said...

I think we are already beyond the point of no return brother. I mean think about it. As a bobby (especially with the knowledge from where you work) if you were the victim of some trouble (off duty) & you needed the bobby’s straight away, what do think the odds would be of getting them straight away? I caught 3 burglars trying to get into my house a couple of years ago. 0300 hrs heard them trying. Threw the phone at mrs peeler told here what to say as I was getting dressed. Off duty bobby needs assistance, thieves on etc. I was dressed & downstairs behind the door waiting. They were hook & caning my house keys. I planned to wait until they got inside & give it to them big time. However as the time ticked by I just couldn’t chance the keys going out of the letter box so I grabbed the keys of the car aerial they were using. I quickly opened the door & went after them. Eventually my lot arrived.

My point is. It took minimum 10 mins. Now I don’t blame the bobby’s on the street. I am one. But I was alone in the world. For those 10 minutes I was truly on my own with 3 criminals in the middle of the night. Trying to get into my house. At that moment there might as well not be a police force. & this scenario is played out all day every day.

I have been the victim of crime 6 times in the last 18 months & only 2 of them were on duty. 3 assaults, a burglary, damage x 3. I didn’t report one as I didn’t think people at work would believe me.

So my belief, now? It is just luck that keeps us safe. Not law & order.

PCFrankyFact said...

On the very rare occasion that I've rang the police and mentioned that I'm a police officer you almost here them switch to "I'm going to be able to fob this off mode."
My son was assaulted a few years ago when he was only 14 by a grown man. I reported that and the officer that was sent investigate it took so much time submitting the file that the time limit for common assault had expired. No letter of apology or offer of one in person.
I didn't bother to complain.
We should all band together brother and form an independent crime fighting organisation.
The Old School Police Force.
Been a victim of crime? Need help?
Then call us.
We don't suffer no shit or pull any punches.

Anonymous said...

Contables Of Full Force C.O.F.F eventually we could develop other depts. Forensic Unit say? think about it!

Officer Dibble said...

I used to try and think it was 'swings and roundabouts' and after a while people would realise and things would go back the other way.
Now I am beginning to accept that the playgrounds closed..locked up..sold for development.. and its getting dark.

See you at the barricades.

Ps Thanks for the comment and the link.

PC South West said...

We are too soft on those who are screwing the country for what ever they can get.
The same people who moaned that the police needed to be accountable for just about everything we do are now reaping what they have sown.
Lack of respect is the problem along with having no teeth.
Happy days!

Phill said...

It's both nice and disturbing to see that the police and the law abiding public (that's me by the way) can see that society is getting worse (less respect, more selfishness) and it isn't just because we're all getting older and think it was better in the past.

Sadly even if all the parasites of society were nicked, they'd only be let out again on account of there being no space for them in prison!

I can believe what you're saying about the 'modern' probationer too. Last night my wife (trainee teacher) had to complete a lesson plan for a 1.5 hour lesson.

The plan took her about 3 hours (it was her first one in all fairness) and she had to plan every second of the lesson.

So in effect she had to do the lesson twice. Once to actually teach the kids and once again to provide the 'evidence' of it.

Can't they just give her a camcorder so she can film it?

BigFellainBlue said...
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BigFellainBlue said...

I love change cant get enough of it, I especially love it when you come back to the office after 2 weeks leave and the paraderooms gone and is now the PCSOs briefing room as they now outnumber us. I was on duty the other day and saw two double crewed PCSO cars go out and all we could muster was 3 single units and an acting sarge!!.
I am now in my 6th paraderoom since I started not so many moons ago and thats in the same building. Our force is trying to save cash by internally merging areas and stations to implement the Neighbourhood Policing Teams all of which have a manager and PCSOs but not necessarily a uniform PC what is going on??

Had to delete 26 January 2007 15:01 post big errors!!

Black in Blue said...

Jees Franky another flipping review so the managers can look for their next promotion. Not another review! I would like to review their tenure on a Cricket pitch one on one. Myth you are using the word brother, cool, we are all brothers and sisters. Myth, we all need to get together. Did anyone mention a strike!

PC South West said...

Yea PCSO's are starting to outnumber us. I find myself getting out of the office because of nowhere to sit and do a file or check e-mails because the PCSO's are sat there most of the day. God only knows what they are doing.

BigFellainBlue said...

PC Southwest,

funny enough I thought the same today I thought the whole idea of PCSOs were that PCs couldnt get out on the streets as much and the PCSOs were there to deal with minor jobs and make links with the community and put them at ease as they see a person in uniform on the beat -- OH NO
Theyre in the parade room on the computer for an age or taking marked police vehicles and going out in pairs/threes/fours and general patrolling.
Ive got nothing against the persons in the role, its the role itself.
Why not take the best of them train them as PCs and put them on the streets to take the strain and the very very very thin blue line!!

PC South West said...


I was working in the office some weeks ago now when a serious code 1 job came in with no units to attend.
I ran around desperately trying to find a marked vehicle in order to respond myself, but to no avail.
Turned out one of the PCSO's was driving a response car. I think she just liked to be seen in it or something. I ended up taking a plain car and having to drive at normal speed.

Black in Blue said...

Shilpa Shetty won. Did Totally Unpc tell everyone he don't do custody anymore. Yipee! I'm so happy.

Anonymous said...

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