Saturday, January 06, 2007

Prison absconder numbers unknown

With a government as inept as this its no wonder we're in the state we are.
No central database?
It beggars belief.
Its almost as ludicrous as the different police forces of the UK all having different computer systems and not being able to share information due to incompatibility of software.
Not to mention the differing "policies" from one force to another.
I know of an occasion where force one was contacted via fax from force two requesting a task be carried out. When, after a reasonable time had elapsed, having received no response from force one, force two telephoned force one only to be informed "Sorry, its our force policy that we only accept emails now, not faxes."
It gets worse.
Force two, being a bit narked, emails force one requesting said task from fax be carried out.
Shortly after email is sent, the sender of the email is then told by control that said task no longer needs to be carried out so sender of said email then telephones force one to cancel request.
Do you know what they said?
Thats right! "Can you send us an email?"
After taking a deep breath sender of email told numpty from force one that it was his policy not to respond to stupid requests!
A large force in the middle of country that we shall call force three was contacted by force two asking for an offender to be arrested.
Three. "Sorry, he's not shown as wanted on PNC."
Two. "Yes, we know. PNC is down at Hendon. Has been for hours."
Three. "Sorry, its force policy that we won't respond to arrest requests if they are not circulated on PNC."
Two. "But like I've said, PNC is down and we have good info as to where this person is."
Three. "Sorry, force policy y'know."
Two. "So its a case of computer says no then. Cough."
You couldn't make it up.


Robert 'Bob' Slot said...

Good Post, raised a smile from me.

Annette said...

Oh dear, all I seem to do is stick up for this government.
You cannot blame them if a computer went down!
Who decided that they don't except faxes any more?
Not this government surely !

dickiebo said...

Get Acpo onto it. They seem to think that they have all the answers!

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Couldnt make it up hey!

Black in Blue said...

Hope you are well and things are OK.

Anonymous said...

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