Thursday, February 15, 2007

Panda's parking makes the papers.

I can just picture the rubber heelers getting themselves all excited at the chance to ruin some poor bobbies day.
The poor sod will end up fined and disciplined.
I know the town where this happened. The officers are ran off their feet 24/7 so much that the public have to make an appointment to see an officer at the main station to report whatever crime they have fallen victim to.
This officer had more than likely missed their refs and was probably grabbing a bite between jobs.
As for Mr Mallon. Its not so long ago that he had his car clamped about 100 yards away from where this police car was parked while he was on mayoral business and he raised bloody hell. The clamp was hastily removed. He loves to jump on the bandwagon when its anything to do with his former employers.
Whoever you are, I'm sure that you had police business. A follow up enquiry, returning cctv to one of the stores, getting a statement, returning property or maybe you had just caught sight of someone who was wanted and you had went after them but lost them in the crowd and on your way back to your car you passed the sausage roll shop and decided to have a bite on the hoof thereby serving the public by remaining out and about.
Police have always had dispensation for parking when on police business. If this is now changed imagine the amount of time it will take to correctly park before going to see a victim or carrying out enquiries? The existing backlog will multiply to an unmanageable level. Is that really what the public wants?


PC South West said...

I find the public are always complaining about something they don't like us doing. I know we have to behave and all that jazz. I once went to a serious domestic at 7am. Dumped the car outside the house concerned after a high speed arrival. One in custody for assault, only to find someone had complained that I had parked the response car on a double yellow, and they said I was abusing my position.
I felt like visiting the complainer myself and giving them a right mouthful.
We are always under the microscope!

Annette said...

No it isn't.

They wouldn't moan about where you park if THEY needed your help.

BigFellainBlue said...

He was loading - his lunch. I havent seen anywhere where it stipulates what you have to load or unload!!!!
I bet Mr Chav and his sister (with a different surname) in the picture arent angels, just thought they would get into the papers and get one over on the Pigs!!!

BigFellainBlue said...

Ive just read the whole of the story now, I park where ever I want and have never been challenged. They have to be petty and pathetis to complain and the local force should back up the officers not investigate them. Its always the same with complaints we the police are guilty until proven innocent!! wish our criminal justice system was like that when dealing with persons that we arrest.

Black in Blue said...

Everywhere I park, man, I am challenged, even in the car park at Sainsbury's! Some people have got nothiong better to do I guess, like me, than park anywhere. I say park everywhere and anywhere courtesy of another protocol from Twining. Park in the Chief's spot too!

Officer Dibble said...

I am sure the 'Holier than Thou' upstanding tax payers pictured would be bleating to the high heaven if they needed Police and were told 'Sorry couldnt get here when it was kicking off, had to find a single yellow three blocks away'

busybizzie said...

I once saw two lads looking very dodgy. On seeing me they scarpered. I did what we do. Dumped my car and chased (We're simple creatures really aren't we?)
I caught them searched them and they checked out ok (ish).
Went back to my car which was parked at a jaunty angle across the street and found someone taking a photo of it!
So I went over to chat. The bloke pointed out that I was on a double yellow. I corrected him that only the front end was. I explained why and what I'd just done and he was enlightened and happy and content that I hadn't just been to the deli as he thought but had in fact been fighting crime.
I watched him tootle off a more satisfied person.
Then I went to the deli.

Black in Blue said...


Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy at all. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. The attitude displayed here towards the two right thinking citizens astonishes, but does not surprise me. More power to them.

Anonymous said...

Poor “blackinblue” must be desperate to have to advertise on someone else's blog to get people to go to his.

Or is he a spambot?

Black in Blue said...

Oi anonymous. I can see you think with your....

Bill Sticker said...

On my watch, you guys park where you like. You won't get any trouble from me.