Thursday, March 01, 2007


Currently doing a spot of law refresher training.
Sec 24 and 25 P.A.C.E 1984 arrest powers have been repealed apparently. Nice to be kept up to date.
I usually fall into a trance like state at these things but I was absolutely amazed at the amendments to the Road Traffic Act 1988.
Sec 165A & B of R.T.A. 1988. gives a constable in uniform the power to seize a vehicle been driven by Chavboy if he has no license or insurance!
Grinned like a cheshire cat I did.
Oh what joyous fun shall be had on the streets of Scumshire.
HALLELULLAH. A ray of hope has shone through the clouds of despair.
Cart off said crying chavs car to storage and if he don't claim it in 14 days by producing a person with a full license and insurance certificate to drive THAT car, no 3rd party basis, then off it goes to the scrapyard or to be sold.
HA Ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah.
Apparently after the recovery agent has recouped his costs from the scrap or sale then any cash left over is back to the force budget.
Dah da da da dah. A'hm loving it.
AND! if a car makes off from you, failing to stop, you can seize it if its found within 24hrs.
Our law trainer is on a roll by now and narrates a Road Wars type thing where Kent police lost a Mitsubishi Evo after it failed to stop but came upon it a short while later on the driveway of house.
Chav exits car and goes inside house.
Cops get on the radio and ask for a removals unit.
Chav comes out 5 mins later. "Wot you doin?"
Cop says "Seizing that car."
Chav says "You can't do that!" and goes back inside.
Few mins later and chav 2 comes out of nearby address. "Thats my car innit. I just bought it off him like."
Cop says "License and insurance for it have we?"
Silence. Chav 2 retreats.
Chav 1 then comes out with a kitchen knife and starts slashing at the Evo's tyres. Obviously thinking the cops won't be able to drive it away.
Removals unit the arrives and drags Evo onto rear of flatbed and dumbstruck Chav is nicked for possession of an offensive weapon by smirking cops.
Oh the joy.


ParttimePolisman said...

I love it when a plan comes together ;)

MetPlod said...

It's a beautiful piece of legislation, but the problem is there's a huge initial outlay to set up the pounds etc, so although we have the power to seize we've been told we can't. Bugger.

Will be nice when it happens though....

Anonymous said...

now if we crushed & cubed them on the spot we could fit more of them on a lorry. & we could use a smaller pound. oh & as with all process from time to time mistakes will undoubtedly be made,

"mr chav, mr chave. has anybody seen the chav. now where did he get to. he was sat here a minute ago. humm"?

Black in Blue said...

Franky Franky I had to tell you, you've won! Yipee! It's Sir Ian! And you have won!

BigFellainBlue said...

Franky, our traffic also give out £200-00 tickets instead of seizing the cars, if they dont provide insurance within 7days the ticket comes into action!!

PCFrankyFact said...

Nah. Seize the cars big fella. Its the look on their faces. They just can't believe we can do it.

Noddy said...

Metplod - our's is done by Contractors - temporary solution to consider.

dickiebo said...

Take it easy lads! Have a heart. Many years ago, my car was 'lifted' for being parked too close to a junction, in London. (Twas parked on a spot which is occupied 24 hours a day by someone or other!). I had to pay £96 to get it back, despite the fact that I had to stand and watch as it was 'lifted'. £96 broke my heart but ..... watching it get crushed? Wince, wince, wince.
Be merciful, brothers.

PC South West said...

Brilliant!!! I seized a car from a foreign driver with dodgy driving license, no insurance and incorrect tax disc on display. What used to fall into the difficult to deal with basket just fell into the piece of cake basket.

dickiebo said...

PC SW; Gawd! Sounds like a dream come true! How I wish I coulda!