Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First Day

My online mate TUPC has been writing some powerful stuff recently on the things we deal with in the line of duty, as has Big Fella. They got me thinking way back to my first ever shift as an operational police constable back in 1990.

I’d done 20 weeks training at Hendon followed by 10 weeks street duties in an East London nick learning important stuff like how to deal with out of date tax discs and parking tickets. The time had now come to start work with C relief.

My first shift was nights. I turned up early for my 2200hrs start because as I was the new proby I had to make the tea for the relief until someone newer came along. Rightly so in my opinion.

After parading on I was doubled up with an experienced officer who I shall call PC Mick Berry, coz that’s his name. The rest of the relief all called him syrup on account of his full head of hair looked like it was a wig. I couldn’t see it myself but I wasn’t going to question their judgement, being all shiny and new.

Off we went into the night in our high powered 1 litre metro. He showed me the real important stuff like tea spots and good kebab shops as nothing much was happening.

Just after midnight we were driving around when I spotted a car coming towards us turn off sharpish without signalling. I told Mick and we went after it. Our car didn’t have a siren and the blue light would only work if the handbrake was on so Mick was sounding the horn and flashing the headlights at the car in front.

It took off like a bat out of hell. I could see 2 girls in the rear that did not look happy that the driver was failing to stop. Mick told me to put the shout on the radio which I did. The bandit car was leaving us behind going over the brow of a hill. We were both cursing our cars lack of power when just before getting to the top of the hill there was an almighty crash.

The sight that met us when we came over the top was awful. The bandit car had gone through a red light and hit a car that was crossing its path. The car struck had been slammed sideways into a lamp post and almost bent around it. The driver was trapped in the mangled wreckage and was screaming for help. The bandit car had spun around and the girl passengers had been flung from the rear door and were laid in the road in a bad way. The driver of the bandit car had gone straight through the windscreen and into some railings. We couldn’t do anything at that point for the trapped driver other than call for help which we’d done. Mick went to check on the girls and I went to the driver of the bandit car. His mouth had pink frothy saliva coming out. He died in front of me. There was nothing I could do for him. He had too many injuries.

The Inspector turned up as I was still kneeling by his body and told me to go and direct traffic. He told me I shouldn’t have to deal with this on my first day. The girls died too. The other driver was cut free. I don’t know what happened to him.

I can’t remember the rest of the shift.

It was one hell of a first day.

I’ve never had nightmares about it thankfully. I have over other stuff. Another time.


Big Fella in Blue said...

Franky, as I said on my blog and that of TUPC there will be jobs that will affect us and lots that wont. I didnt have any sudden deaths or fatals to go to in my tutoring but I remember a set of weekend day shifts where I dealt with four deaths in three days. It came about a month after my tutoring finished.

I remember being the new fish on the shift, making tea and getting abuse from the old sweats!! Trying to work out the reasons for the nicknames that now just roll off the tongue. Ahh the old days when I used to come on shift with an inspector a sergeant and 14 oppos!

Sergeant Simon said...

that is one hell of a first day. Why oh why oh why do people do that. I'm no scrote apologist, but noone deserves that, least of all the 3 other innocents involved, 4 if it includes you.

I think your driver might be the one with the nightmares. Having three deaths on your conscience would be a heavy load

totallyun-pc said...

well done fella, I'm fiding it quite good on these blogs to throw out a few demons... but only the legal stuff....!

I loved those pandas, we used to bounce across the dual carraigway with the engine off so we could get the blue light going.... totally fuc*ing reckless.

We have come along way euipment wise since those days. But the jobs still the same. Keep doing it well.

thinblueline said...

dont run.. simple innit .

Sondra said...

This is great info to know.