Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lets not allow another good cop to fall on his sword!

This one's got me seething mad.
Another good man is punished for having the metal to stand up and tell the truth.
I've spoken via email to Johnno and he's told me that he's resigned and effective midnight this coming Saturday he's a civvie again. He said he's jumped before he was pushed.
Personally, I think he should have stayed.
I mean, whats he done wrong.
I know he's stepped out from cover and into the open. I wouldn't , but he has and bravo to him.
But, aside from that, on what grounds has he been suspended from duty?
I've read his article in the Express. As far as I can see he is in the clear. He has merely spoken out about our working practices. He has not confessed to any criminal acts.
Is it supposed to be a big secret that must be kept from the public?
All he has done is legitimately exercised his right of freedom of speech. I think his employers would be on a hiding to nothing if they tried to say he had brought the police service into disrepute.
This message should get out. Christ, we take the flak everyday from frustrated members of the public who want to know why we aren't there when they need us.
For GODS sake, I hope someone from our mighty protective shield that is the Federation reads this turns their attention away from planning the yearly drinking session that is the conference and gets this man the support that he needs.
His employers need taking on. You've come out into the open Johnno. You've got nothing left to lose. Stand your ground and fight them. I honestly believe that you would win. It could be a landmark case mate. We don't have to accept their findings of an internal discipline panel. Like I said in my email to you, you can take it outside to a panel of people outside the job. I believe that any reasonable person not connected with the job would agree that you have done nothing wrong.
I hope you do mate. If you walk away then they win and you will have done it all for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Have to take them on about this. I can't see what he could have done to let them successfully sack him. Somebody's got to stir up trouble or nothing's ever going to change.

Black in Blue said...

If this officer walks away we all lose.

Anonymous said...

I am an ex pat living in the US and I have been reading quite a few of these police blogs recently. As far as Johnno walking away - I have to agree with Franky's comment - walking away now is the absolute worst thing that could be done. It undermines the message that you have all been trying to get out, that it is time to stand up and do real police work and forget about the bullshit numbers and statistics that seem to make up the better part of "modern policing."

I have been away from the UK for many years now, so my perspective is that of a virtual outsider - it seems to me that Britain has become a violent and lawless society, where police protection is almost minimal. Not enough manpower, too busy with statistics, can't arrest some folks for fear of being branded racist, and so on. On the other hand if I accidently drive 5 mph over the speed limit I will undoubtedly receive an automated ticket.

It seems that many of the officers on these blogs share this same sense of frustration.

Stand up for yourselves, I am willing to bet that there are a lot of decent ordinary members of the public that will support you.

Whichendbites said...

This is not promoting the brand. The SMT have the monopoly on vetting what is released and it always involves promoting the brand or scapegoating some poor unfortunate soul who doesn't play by their rules. Blamestorming seems to be the name of the game and, as usual, having the final prepared statement to continue to get their own view across. Good job for the blogs to let everyone else know that there is another world out there and people can have 'their own' view or opinion. We've all got opinions of our own but not a lot of people who should be listening are credited with the sense to see the 'big picture'. Its a sad day when this happens. Nothing will change because the rules won't allow it to and those that stand up to speak their own view are seen as unhelpful and breaching the 'conduct likely' ace that is always up the sleeve waiting to be dropped. Just think who makes the rules and interprets them. People like Johnno ? I think not.

Black in Blue said...

By order of the Twining Act 2007 section 3 states:

(1) There is no such thing as freedom of speech for Police Bloggers, especially for Jonno. Jamba!

(2) A Chief Constables Health and Safety and Human Rights innit always takes priority.

(3) A Chief Constable and their Senior team will always be right.

(4) All Police Bloggers will be brought before their Chief Officers. They must not smile. They will parade forthwith with their appointments. This especially includes that damned man Gadget and that woman, Bloggs.

(5) Police Bloggers will be tickled by PSD until they totally confess to Blogging. In the event that a Blogger makes the investigating officer's smile then that Blogger will wash the DCC's car every day for the rest of their lives. They will also wash the DCC's wife's car also, the Renault megane!

(6) Any Blogger refusing to attend to meet their Chief Officer's will be taken to Karatchi and tortured with bamboo sticks and boiled rice.

By order of the Chief of all Chiefs. This is now policy.

Officer Dibble said...

Brave man... steps out of the 'shadows' voluntarily.

Maybe he feels that he can say more 'out of' uniform/service... I wish him well.

Black in Blue said...

Problem is, they have dispensed with him. There leaders know exactly what they are doing. They will hope he fizzles away.

johnnoblue said...

Good morning my friends. They are indeed in for a rude awakening as this campaign has only just started and I have much planned in order to make it a success. This is the first realistic chance both rank and file officers and the public have had to make their views known with a view to bringing about real change. This opportunity should not be squandered or lose momentum due to apathy and pessimism. I encourage all of you to support the petition in any way you can and advise others to do likewise. Its success is dependent upon considerably more support than it has at the moment but it is still early days after all. Onwards and upwards!


Annette said...

pc franky fact:
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

It will be interesting, as I said I really am a paper candidate this time. We just want to see if we can close the gap between labour and tories in that area.
Give the labour voters someone to vote for.

Thanks again.

johnnoblue said...

Good morning my friends. The article publicising the website is on page 12 of today's The Daily Telegraph. All the best.


Anonymous said...

Colleagues, do you really think that the PF officers would stick their heads above the parapet for a lowly single Police Officer? Why would they jepordize their large inflated pensions or risk rocking the boat (in case they were put back into the real world)? Once again, another famous strike by our toothless tiger. . . . . the PF

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