Thursday, October 04, 2007

G Class 5/90. Purple Intake

Memory lane.

Anybody out there recognise anyone?

I wish I was still in the same shape.

Back row....left to right....first names only.

Terry, George, Phil, Dave, Paul.

Middle row.

Jane, John, Neil, Tom, Simon, Jenny.

Front row.

Fran, Sgt Mark Adams, can't remember, god knows, PC Eric Bailey, Maureen, Louise.


Terry. Top bloke from Romford. Wife makes a lovely chilli. Voted most handsome male in class by the ladies.

George. Sadly, the only one I'm still in touch with. Diamond bloke.

Phil. Funniest guy in class. Always clowning around. Damn near got me kicked out after dragging Jenny into the blokes changing rooms at swimming only to find the School Chief Supt stood in his towel.

Dave. From Bristol. Liked keerbaarbs. Never should've let John cut yor hair bud.

Paul. Good man. Strong as an ox. Did good impershonation of Shaun Connery as Bond.

Jane. Lovely lass.

John. Baby of the class. From Plymouth.

Neil. Posh lad. Nice bloke. Good cook. Invited the whole class to his home in Enfield and cooked us all a meal. Had a police teddy bear which got kidnapped and held to ransom. He had to parade outside the peel statue with one trouser leg rolled up holding a bog brush to get it back.

Tom. Always messing around in class. Got us all doing a mexican wave with our name tag boards affixed to thedesks while some boring old chap tried to teach us what to do in the event of a nuclear war.
Managed to fit cheesy bells, fishy smells into a question he asked him.

Simon. The mild mannered man. His ex flat mate was Mark Limahl, lead singer of Kajagoogoo.

Jenny. Lovely friendly Welsh lass. Sorry about the changing room incident.

Fran. Ahhh......Wee Fran. From the Highlands of Scotland. I'll never forget the day we were on parade and as we made to march off one of her suspenders went and her stocking rolled down as we plodded along. Now that was funny....
Transferred to North Yorks police.

Sgt Adams. Born again god squadder.

PC Bailey. The original old sweat.

Maureen. Was class Captain for a while until we had a revolution and got moved classes. Uni graduate. Very friendly when on the sauce......

Lou. Quiet as a mouse. Got top student award for having to try so hard.

If it jogs anyones memory can anyone recall our class motto......?


Another Constable said...

What's the significance of the purple lanyards?

PCFrankyFact said...

Back in the day the Met had an intake of new recruits every month.
The different coloured lanyards seperate the intakes.
Dont know if its the same nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I do recognise some of the faces on there - I was "yellow" intake of the same year - which was either just before or after purple

Girl*Next*Door said...

Franky, that one on the bottom left, second in, is uncannily like your cartoon avatar!

Nice pic though, very smart.

jackthecat said...

I was a Green probably about 6 months after you.

Where'd all that time go? Scary stuff.

Big Fella in Blue said...

Franky, does this mean youre an old sweat??

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mousie said...

Oh yeah!! That's exactly what I was just going to say!!

Big deal, you learnt to cut and paste at right wing nursery school today did you?

Fucking tosser.

PCFrankyFact said...

Top quality.
Some people are so sad.
Say bye bye to his comments.
Big Fella.
I would be honoured to be considered an old sweat.
I met lots when I joined and learned a lot from them.
Its my birthday this Friday.
I'll be 41 and counting.

Anonymous said...

All very well but which one did you sleep with

PCFrankyFact said...

187 you've got more time in than me as I is 191 and thats all yor gettin.

I was a good boy at Butlins, sorry Hendon, as I was already a married man.

Quite a few heads were turned by the bonnie wee Scots lass front left.

Ahhh......Wee Fran. I'll never forget the day we were on parade and as we made to march off one of her suspenders went and her stocking rolled down as we plodded along.

Now that was funny....

totallyun-pc said...

Hello Frankster! I must have been the purple intake straight after yours, so you would have left as I joined Hendon. Small world!

I can still remember most of the names of people in my class too... and many I was at Hendon with are still my friends now... after some 17 years!

Good post. I've benn remeniscing too onmy site, but not so positively this time.

Anonymous said...

Boy in the job !

I was green intake Feb 1989.

I recall Sgt Adams and the short fat Inspector with the glasses.

Happy days.

William said...


Nil carborundum lacessit

or somesuch


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