Thursday, December 21, 2006


This is another favourite of mine.
A buzzword that has been cascaded down after a root and branch review for line supervisors to orate to their personnel... "Downtime."
I don't know if it happens in other forces but in mine I have to force myself not to visibly cringe when those words " can you utilise your downtime to......" by the time the saddo has uttered those six words I've gone into a catatonic trance where I'm only capable of nodding my head and muttering "uhhum", which used to be solely reserved for my wife as she attempted to engage me in conversation whilst I'm watching the footy.
The only downtime I get is arriving at work and finding to my despair that we have a full compliment of " Line Supervisors " to try and pick holes in everything we do.
Sometimes however we are saved as a line supervisor with the usual compliment of bird shit on their shoulder boards announces a meeting with his/her underlings and off they trot to waffle for hours.


Anonymous said...

in the main I agree, however I think that it is not the rank but the individual who decides on which side of the battlefield they stand or sit in a lot of cases. I know quite a few sergeants & a few inspectors who are worn down by the job. the higher you get I think the more difficult it becomes to take a stance (& keep your job that is).

as far as buzz words & meeting go I am with you 100%. I think they even have meetings about meetings now.

my own comments have in the past been referred to as "negative" by one sergeant. a view that I strongly disagree with. citing the argument that "he" should challenge my view with "evidence" not just consign me to the rubbish bin with a throw away comment.

Anonymous said...

cheers mate,

thanks for the link. & as for the insanity, that will be my defence. an insanity bourne from the stresses of paperwork. (cant spell bureaucracy)

Disgruntled said...

Thanks for the link, will add you on the links on my blog in due course.

Anonymous said...

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