Monday, July 09, 2007

The Twat in the hat. Part 2.

Sitting at home, I'm all full of glee.
The reason? To Ibiza go my family and me.
Two weeks of fun in the sun is the aim,
To forget about work, yes I know. Its a pain.

But what has become of the Twat in the hat?
And Dick 1 and Dick 2, those 3 scheming rats.
The Twat? He's promoted. Yes he has moved on.
Dick 1? Yes the same. She too has now gone.

Poor old Dick 2. He can't take any more.
He's put in a transfer to walk out the door.
Franky is still there. He's been wise to their tricks.
They couldn't outwit him. Those three sad, sad twits.

So that's it for 2 weeks, alas I must go,
Though knowing my luck it'll probably snow!
Till then, my pen, in my suitcase its packed.
Till the end of July. Adios. Senor Fact.